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Organic , Monovarietal , Or An All Around Good Olive Oil ? It's Up To You.

After Perrenial Of Tasting Experiences And Chemical Analyses We Concluded To 3 Different Olive Oil Labels . Each One Of Them Has It’s Own Unique Characteristics And We Proudly Present Them To You Below !



MAVROREMA , Our Monovarietal Manaki (Kothreiko) Is Of Very Early Harvested Manaki Olives And That Makes It Very Low In Acidity Classifying In The Extrissimo Category (0-0,3%). Except That It Is Very High In Polyphenols Which Makes It A Product For Medicinal Use.



bioGOLD  Our Organic EVOO , a Blend Of Manaki And Koroneiko Varieties . 100% Pesticide And Fertilizer FREE . Produced Only With The Natural Goods Of Mother Nature and Pure Passion



ΘΕΑ Is Our Everyday Olive Oil Perfect For Salads , Dressings , Marinades And Because Of It’s Very High Smoke Point It’s Perfect Also For Cooking And Frying . It’s An All Aroung Gem That Shouuld’t Be Missing From Any Kitchen.

Cooking With An Excellent Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Makes The Difference Between A Good Dish And An Exceptional One

Chef Leno Lattarulo